Thursday, June 29, 2017

June Picture Dump!

If you don't want to see 28 pictures of our summer life then don't read this post!  It's heavy on the summer fun and cousin time!

June has been a lot of cousins, playdates, adventures around town and keeping cool when it's 90+ degrees out.  Ryan set up a shade structure over the kiddie pool so most mornings we can spend out back.  Every day after naps is Giddy's (limited and his beloved) screen time because it is BOILING hot and we can't do anything except laugh at the Trolls movie while we drink cold smoothies.

Enjoy all the pics!

A full house last week on our playdate!  This was lunch time and it was wonderful mayhem

I solo adventured to the zoo with the boys last Friday because it was rainy and 60 degrees all morning.  They were angels, I absolutely couldn't believe what an easy successful trip it was

Grandma and Grandpa Decker planned a "leprechaun hunting" trip to Tiny Town.  All the big cousins went and I think they had a pretty fun time riding the train and climbing in the houses

Hunting is hard work!

Giddy's two favorite places: the library and jail

Saturday night each of the boys were at a Grandmas house so we went to a wedding reception in the mountains.  There was a food truck and beautiful views plus a nice date to ourselves

More cousins!  We celebrated a belated Father's Day on Sunday.  Everyone's expression conveys something so different even though they are all doing the exact same thing haha

Baby Boy has been sitting up longer and longer unassisted!  Plus another zoo shot

Baby Boy and his cousin Fynn who is 11 days younger.  They are already BFF's.

Baby LOVES solids but not purees.  He likes to chomp on banana, peaches, squash slices and avocado.  He's a big boy who cannot be bothered with baby foods ;)

He's a very big helper with the laundry.  On the right is a random shot from Father's Day when we went to a nearby splash pad for the morning

This about sums up our after dinner routine when it's too hot to go on a walk:  kiddie pool, hose time, get naked if you're name is Giddy!

Giddy and I spend the morning in the shade out back while Baby naps.  He had a mouth full of blueberries which is his new favorite fruit

Baby stared physical therapy yesterday.  He's very jerky and rigid so we go once a month to be evaluated and really start exercises when he begins to crawl and walk.  We have to stay on top of his muscles and movement so none of his muscles or ligaments/tendons shorten or develop improperly

Today we had a playdate with our friend Jayni and Ali and their boys.  There are 6 boys between our families and the time is WILD but always fun.  Three two year old boys = mass chaos.  I love it!

Two climbers exploring the yard

And we'll end with two pictures of this sweet fat baby!  I told you he's sitting up so much!  He's grinning from ear to ear in both pics and I so wish I could show off his chunky little cheeks

That wraps it up for us!  We have a low key remainder of the week.  We're working on consistent discipline with Giddy Lou (pray for us and his tiny heart!), getting our house in order and finishing some home projects and relaxing :)

The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of your hands.

Psalm 138:8

Monday, June 19, 2017

Gideon 22 Month Update

Age: 22 months!!!

We will have a 2 year old in 2 months time!  This is blowing my mind.  Gideon James is the most sweet, fun, independent, curious, wild, bright, challenging, and joyful that he's ever been.  Toddlerhood looks good on him.  He's a thinker, a builder, detail-oriented, has insane dexterity and the balance/climbing abilities of a future Olympian rock climber.  He's a sweet boy who loves to help and please and keep his parents on their toes with some wily tantrums and an assertive will!  We love who he's growing up to be.

Weight: 26.5 lbs

Length: I don't know!  He hasn't been measured in forever.  I'll get his stats in August at his check up

Sizes: He's wearing all 2T's, size 5 diapers, size 5 or 6 shoe and any toddler big kid hat.  He LOVES shoes so much.  He has about 15 pairs that he rotates wearing throughout the day.

Eyes: Beautiful clear, bright blue.  His eyes are always dancing, thinking, and observing

Hair: Strawberry Blonde.  I think I officially don't have a redhead anymore.  It's still pretty darn red compared to some kids but his hair has lightened up tremendously!  It's so beautiful and he of course gets so many compliments still

Sleeping:  Gid is a once a day napper for about 1.5-2 hours.  Once in awhile he'll still give me a random 3 hour nap but that's rare!  He sleeps about 11 hours at night usually waking up once because he tossed his pillow over the side of his crib or needs some water.  Overall he's a good sleeper.  We have him in his crib still and plan to keep him there as long as humanly possible!

Eating: Gideon could take or leave eating.  It's not his favorite way to spend his time.  He would rather run and jump and climb and play!  We sit for three meals a day and plan portable snacks.  He loves avocado toast, eggs and fruit for breakfast.  Lunch is usually a sandwich, a vegetable and his favorite, canned peaches.  Dinner is whatever we're having.  He eats lightly for the most part but once in a while will fuel up and eat an astonishing amount!

His favorite foods:  Chocolate anything! Peaches, Hershey kisses, avocado, pork chops, peanut butter/coconut/banana smoothies, clif bars, crackers, sandwiches and sliced grapes

Milestones/Words: Gideon can understand so darn much and is just on the drink of talking up a storm!  He consistently has his vocab of about 20 words and his sign language which has made my life so much easier.  He can tell you most anatomy on his body, "sings" Twinkle Twinkle, pretends to read, climbs proficiently on anything and everything, and has his 2 or 3 chores he accomplishes (cleaning up toys, throwing trash away, watering the garden)

Memorable Outings:  Gid and I have solo adventured to the zoo and pool in the last 2 weeks.  We want to check out some more rec centers because swimming is this kid's jam!  We try to fit in as many playdates as possible and have goal to explore 1 new park a week this summer

Favorite toys/activities:  Gideon doesn't love toys per se as much as he loves random household objects.  He loves Ryan's tools, drinking out of legit mugs, carrying around coins, playing with any appropriate electronics (speaker, computer, unplugged toaster, calculator, etc), washing dishes, sweeping and climbing on the furniture and stairs.  He loves to spend his time crafting and doing art, outside playing, anything involving water, riding his car, building blocks, watching a show, or organizing his small train and car sets.

Funny Moments: When isn't Gideon making us laugh??  I should write down more specific memories of Gideon.  Yesterday at a playdate he had all the moms and kids laughing at his belly laughter over the swing.  Something about swinging just had him tickled and his laughter was contagious!

Looking forward to:  His 2nd birthday!  I can't wait to celebrate 2 whole years of his life.  I also look forward to potty training in August (call me crazy, but I have a smart kid and I know he can do it!) and more talking.  Gideon will probably talk my ear off but I can't wait to hear more of his thoughts and ideas about the world.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Baby Boy 6 Month Update

Age: 6 months

This little guy is blossoming more and more into a content, happy, observant baby.  I think he's over most of his medical setbacks and has been on a good streak for quite awhile now!  Baby brings so much joy to our family with his deep chuckle, lightning fast rolling skills, grabby hands, and love of being involved in anything Gideon is doing.  What a sweet 6 month old little love!

Weight: 19.2 lbs

Length: 26.5 inches

Sizes: This little tank is still in a few 6 month pieces still but I have had to bump him to 9 months because his round tummy and humongous squishy thighs!  They are epic.  He's a size 4 diaper and mostly doesn't wear sock or shoes since it's not the right season

Eyes: Still blue and still beautiful.  His eyelashes have stayed long and curled which just add to the schwoon factor

Hair: Red!  I think I see a little blonde on top, perhaps from being outside more not that he ever gets a lot of direct sunlight.  It's getting longer everywhere and is so soft.

Sleeping:  Baby wakes up around 6:30 in the morning and heads down for his first nap at 8:30 am.  He sleeps for about 1 hour and then back down for his next nap hopefully at 12:00 pm which is the same time as Gideon's.  His third nap is short but happens around 3:30/4:00.  He sleeps 11 solid hours at night which is cannot sing his praises enough for!

Eating: Eating has gotten better and better for him.  Sometimes it's a huge struggle and he's just scrambled in his tiny brain and won't calm down enough to eat.  For the most part he'll latch, drink and be content.  He's eat 6 oz bottles during the day and a bedtime bottle of 8 oz.  He also started solids!  He's had rice cereal, sweet potatoes, pear, apple and squash.  He doesn't love any of it so far, ha!

Milestones/Words: Roly Poly is his nickname for a reason!  He's going front to back and back to front and FAST!  He is sitting up longer and longer unassisted.  He'll creep forward on his stomach but is still a ways away from crawling. He's grabbing for toys and objects with so much intention and focus.

Memorable Outings:  This has mostly been a month spent around our home and around town.  We have tried a new park or two and extending our evening walks to new sections of the neighborhood.

Favorite toys/activities:  He loves any toys that are easy to grab and has a few balls with big sections to hang on to and gnaw on.  If it crunches and makes noise you know he'll love it! He still enjoys gnawing on his Sophie giraffe, looking in his mirror, being in his bouncer, and rocking outside on our rockers.  He is always a perfect angel on our evening walks and could last for hours in the stroller.

Funny Moments: Baby and Giddy were cracking each other up today!  Baby was grabbing for Gideon and Gideon laughed and laughed which made Baby laugh which made Giddy laugh harder.  I was cracking up watching them!

Looking forward to:  His crawling and movement!  He so badly wants to join in the fun in the backyard and right now he's stuck in his outside Go-Pod (outdoor bouncer).  It will be fun to see more of his personality come out too.  He has been "talking" more, we're learning what makes him laugh, and how much it lights up his life to have Gideon's attention.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

All The Summer Things

 We've been partying hard summer style this week!!  Sprinklers, gardening, swimming, playdates, bugs, chalk, and walks.  Gideon smells permanently like sunscreen and always has the juice of some fruit rolling down his chin.  What a good month it's turning out to be.

Happy June!

American flag tank top with patriotic plaid shorts?  SWOON!  Also, Gideon is OBSESSED with bugs.  He loves roly polys the most.  He picked up a horrendously huge black bug (beetle??) today that I had no idea what it was and scared us both half to death when I screamed and knocked it out of chubby palm

Our garden is coming along nicely.  The pumpkin and tomato have taken off.  The bell peppers are struggling and the cucumber gave up after our post-Mother's Day hail storm and freeze.

Flowers and chalk art

Two swim-suited boys?!?  There is nothing more delicious.  We swam splashed in a kiddie pool at a friend's house yesterday which wore them both out.

Post naps and pre-caseworker visit.  Two sweet boys in their summer cutest

This little burrito is just too delicious!  I ADORE him in tank tops and onsies.  He's so darn cute.

A friend sent me this verse yesterday.  Thought it might encourage someone else this afternoon:

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

2 Corinthians 12:9

Monday, June 12, 2017


Summertime!!!  Practically an entire month has passed since I was last able to really sit down and get some blogging in.  No bueno!

Our days fly by me.  Partly it's because I am mothering two little boys in two uniquely challenging stages.  A 6 month old (who's generally my angel baby) but deals with some sensory/processing issues.  And an almost 2 year old (who's the brightest, most tender-hearted little love on the planet) but who also has an abundantly strong will and independent streak!!

I'm challenged deeply by these two little humans.  They are refining me, changing me, molding me, and shaping my mothering hour by hour.  There are not to other little ones I would rather spend my days with but WOW can I get discouraged and tired sometimes! This is the verse on repeat in my mind lately:

I can do all things through him who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13

So while I figure out mama-hood with 2 under 2, we also try to fill our days with friends, family, creativity, nature, playdates, relaxing, and summer goodness!  Summer truly is the best (I mean, after fall of course!)

Our days look like:
chalk in our jammies
yogurt on the grass
6:55 a.m. bubble blowing
crying in the highchairs
neighborhood walks
apologies from everyone
forgiveness from everyone
trying again
cool, dark naps
cousin playdates
juicy hands from popsicles
a house full of loud toddlers
craft time
building towers
first mug of coffee (finally!) at lunchtime
turning on the sprinklers
helping daddy mow
mountain of pillows and a movie
mama napping
quiet time in our rooms
mid-day bath from messy paints
trying solids
just one more oreo :)
homemade chicken soup
frosting cinnamon rolls with gram
clean up time
water play
impatient mama asking for her boy's forgiveness
daddy's home!
after dinner walks
evening strolls to the "windmills"
sound of the mower
smell of hose water
water the garden
visit with neighbors across the fence
hide from the heat in a cool basement
full hearts
tired bodies
snuggly lavender boys in jammies
blessed, blessed bedtime

This little boy loves to be a big helper.  Whether doing the dishes or fetching a diaper for baby's diaper change, he is mama's reliable right hand man!

BBQ with friends-all of these sweet boys were born within just a few months of each other

Evening building time with Daddy.  Such concentration from them both :)

Cousin couch snuggles, no shirt because big boys don't need shirts when they watch a show!

We are handsome dudes!

This naughty elephant made Gideon laugh and laugh-he was eating a tree he was clearly not supposed be touching

Any time is a good time for crafts according to Giddy.  His life theme should be "Stay Calm and Craft".  And he got to spend a morning with big cousin Rilyn a few weekends ago!

Water play at the zoo with cousin Rilyn

Bedtime snuggles with a tired baby.  He nuzzles right into your neck and will stay there all night if you let him

Cousins eating lunch and auntie snuggles

More crafting.  Giddy is like, "This is how you paint people, amiright?"  And on the right is one of ten toddler busy tubs I put together for the summer.  Future post!

Shaving cream time!!

I enjoyed a wonderful breakfast with a group of my favorite women last weekend to celebrate Ali's birthday.  We laughed SO much and stayed talking for hours around that table

Big boy sitting up longer and longer unassisted!

Wow we look good-ha!  We had a putt-putt golf date last weekend that was so much fun.  Ryan got three hole in one's! WHO DOES THAT??

Finally, we get to Baby Boy!  He would love to start crawling any second!  And on the right meeting his Gigi (great-grandma).

Oh how my heart warms when these two make each other laugh or play together

Baby Boy started some solids!  A little rice cereal, applesauce, sweet potato and pears so far.  He loves none of it but we'll keep trying. 

Baby is a big helper when it comes to yard work!  He will sit in his hiking backpack for a surprisingly long time while Ryan mows or does outdoor chores.  Plus early morning snuggles-so sweet!

More cousins!  These boys have so many cousins I just love it.  Pictured is Rilyn holding Baby Boy and her brother Fynn (who is just 11 days younger than Baby Boy!)

I have about 1000 more photos to upload, a post to do on the toddler busy bins, and more life updates to give!  Next double long nap time where both boys are conked out it will happen!

For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.

John 1:16


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