Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Baby Boy 5 Month Update

Age: 5 months

Oh man this baby boy has been through a lot in the past 4 weeks!  4 trips to his primary care doctor, a trip to the ER, 2 x-rays, an upper GI scope and a trip to Children's Neurology for an EEG and sleep study.  Oh and he switched to a hypoallergenic dairy-free formula for his belly. Poor guy!  What's so interesting is that all of those trips were clustered pretty closely and now here mid-May he seems to be sailing along a little more smoothly.  He's had several good days in a row and we are praying that momentum keeps up for him.  Baby Boy loves to laugh when he feels good, is working very hard to roll over and is as fat as ever with all his chunky thigh rolls!  We love this boy.

Weight: 17.5 lbs

Length: ~25.5 inches (he'll get measured in June again)

Sizes: He is wearing 6-9 month clothes in all sizes.  We love to put him in shorts :)  He wears 12 month socks and size 3 or 4 diapers. His belly is so large size 4's just seem to fit better.

Eyes: Blue.  He gets a lot of compliments on his beautiful little eyes and is always busy observing someone or something.

Hair: Still red (thank goodness!).  It's getting longer up top and he has a hilarious cowlick at the front of his head that's so cute.  He's still pretty bald in the back.

Sleeping:  My little angel sleeping boy.  Baby Boy makes sure to get good sleep in or else he wouldn't have the energy for all of his crazy activities lately!  He gets up around 6:00 am usually (although he slept in until 7:45 am yesterday!).  Then back down for a 1 hour nap at 8:00 am.  Next nap is around 11:30 am and this is his long one for about 1.5-2 hours.  His last nap is just a kitty nap at 3:30 ish.  He goes to bed around 6:30 pm and goes down easily.  He's easily sleeping 8+ hour stretches without a peep.  I'm SO thankful for his ability to do that.

Eating: Oh eating.  The ER trip was for refusing to eat for an alarming amount of time and extreme pain he was showing us when eating. They thought briefly he might be silently aspirating, have a mass or fistula, or just severe GERD.  Nothing conclusive has been found yet. We switched him to a hypoallergenic dairy-free formula and about 3 weeks on that now we are finally seeing some significant progress in his willingness to accept a bottle with ease, eat peacefully, and spit-up less.  We tried 2 other formulas before this and several anti-colic/reflux bottles. But this seems to be what helps!  He eats about 6 oz every 4 hours during the day, an 8 oz bottle at bedtime and a small "snack" around 10:00 pm for his dream feed.

Milestones/Words: He is much more tolerant of tummy time, can sit propped with a few pillows and he's really working those legs to prep for crawling!  Baby is squawking, cooing, and babbling much more.  He has a deep voice and his signature chuckle is to die for! There is one particular butterfly toy attached to his jumperoo that he will focus on so intently and not give up until he has his fat hand grasped around it.  He's so determined and sweet!

Memorable Outings:  Well outside of all of his medical outings we have been able to go to the Museum of Nature and Science, City Park in Denver, host playdates at our home and venture to the library

Favorite toys/activities:  His favorites include bouncing in his jumperoo, shaking his big ball/rattle, putting anything into his mouth, holding his soft turquoise hippo, and being propped up like a big kid to sit.  He also loves to be rocked in our rocking chairs our back with a blanket over him in the evenings.  He loves his carrier and helping Ryan with any and all chores

Funny Moments: He thinks it is too funny when Ryan surprises him by saying "HI SIR!" in a loud, silly voice.  It makes him laugh and laugh.  

Looking forward to:  This baby feeling good and knowing what it's like to not have pain/distress with eating.  His bio mama's pregnancy was not a healthy or safe one and Baby came out with so many complications.  I look forward to him continuing to grow and put more time between him and his withdrawal/painful days.  He deserves to feel good!

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