Monday, December 31, 2012


My Journey to 1000 Gifts
877.  Passing CNA state test
878.  Seeing Ryan's face light up with old friends
879.  The rare gift of amazing, godly friends
880.  Not feeling heroic
881.  Fostering/adopting friends who pave the path of selflessness
882.  Garbanzo plates filled with Mediterranean goodness
883.  Simple welcome signs
884.  Lime green moss on rocky boulders
885.  Secret Pinterest boards with friends
886.  Breakfast and wedding presents
887.  Sitting in bed together reading books
888.  Bright yoga mat
889.  A body willing to do yoga and feeling of health
890.  Getting to catch up with those from near and far
891.  New cookbooks with recipes to make those we host
892.  Chicken fried steak
893.  Weaning of caffeine
894.  Sweet words, "I'm proud of you"
895.  Hebrews-offering the alluring sweetness of Christ
896.  Morning yoga
897.  Red Rocks Church and it's legit-ness
898.  Anticipation of life groups in spring
899.  Being socially rusty after 10 months of hardship
900.  Swiss chard recipe
901.  Bright sun streaming through the windows
902.  Surprise dinner dates with husband
903.  Fireworks planned to celebrate the new year
904.  Ileostomy
905.  Excellent insurance
906. Generous chiropracters
907.  Jesus like act of purging unused items to those in need
908.  Asking for a heart that will give away what I use and like too-not just the unwanted
909.  Full bellies, full closets, full homes, full relationships, full lives
910.  Silliness of Ryan when he is with his guy friends
911.  Deep talks at girl's night out
912.  Beauty and our brains hardwired to enjoy it
913.  Big cups of coffee and almond milk
914.  Homemade hummus and veggie dipper lunch
915.  Learning that the Kingdom is coming to us
916.  A new Israel
917.  The comforting sound of the furnace turning on and the dishwasher whirling
918.  Bright orange fruit
919.  How we're each uniquely built and made
920.  Different gifts, used for Him
921.  Missional Women
922.  Learning to write under pressure
923.  Things to look forward to
924.  Things to look back on
925.  His faithfulness, my faithlessness
926.   Brothers, sisters
927.  Nieces, nephews
928.  Moms, Dads
929.  Happy captured memories of a wedding
930.  Pumpkin pancakes drizzled with homemade syrup
931.  Lightness and clean feeling after vacuuming-a spiritual analogy?
932.  Greeting my husband as he wanders out of our bedroom in the morning
933.  Harpo's excitement whenever we wake up, get up, get home, go on walks...etc, etc...
934.  This list
935.  What gratitude does to your heart and walk
936.  A God who desires to be thanked, though will never force it
937.  The Lord's provision for a job
938.  Hurting for a life bound, but knowing it's God purpose
939.  Mercy's smiling face on our coffee table
940.  Turquoise
941.  Women who lead other women well by example and faith
942.  How much we can be taught each day
943.  Learning to waste less
944.  Becoming a better steward of everything we're given
945.  Dark chocolate covered espresso beans
946.  Letting Jesus open our eyes to what we have
947.  Working together
948.  Loving difficult people out of His power-I am never able
949.  Fluffiness of homemade biscuits
950.  Tartness of homemade jam
951.  Healing bodies and realigned spines/knees
951.  Lamps to give brightness for reading, company, and late nights
952.  A hard working husband who labors for our family
953. When husband and I are on the same page. Love that
954.  Backing each other up
955.  Freshly washed sheets
956.  Mary's felt reality and promised hopes-how different they were
957.  A church that preaches what's hard and true
958.  Vacancy
959.  Lightest snow falling down
960.  The example of a family offering total, unimaginable forgiveness
961.  New Year's Eve plans-dinner, fireworks, and wandering downtown!
962.  Sweet brown Harpo eyes watching us
963.  His big furry head resting on our legs
964.  Communication clarification
965.  The unending, infinite learnings about who God is
966.  Learning to become un-entitled
967.  People watching
968.  Free books
969. New life transitions
970.  Excellent questions to provoke introspection
971.  That "mmmm" noise when things are delicious!
972.  Surprise treats to the movies
973.  Caramel corn and chocolate truffles
974.  "Fast food"Communion
975.  Daily bread
976.  The fruit of the spirit and the promises in them
977.  Revivals promised through the humble prayer of God's people
978.  Cheese boards
978.  Vanilla roobios tea under a quilt
979.  Friends who are overseas, in ministry, living adventures, and living as salty light
980.  Relatable talks with cousins
981.  January birthdays
982.  Valentines Day plans (romantic husband!)
983.  Learning better communication, slowly but surely 
984.  Shine of a wedding ring
985.  Clink of a zipper in the dryer
986.  Hot cups of coconut chai with milk and honey
987.  Calls to say "I Love You"
988.  Promise of renewing of our minds
989.  Daily truth offered with endless grace
990.  Bright yellow of turmeric
991.  Innocence in tiny new babies
992.  Sizzle of butter in a pan
993.  Steam curls off hot cups
994.  Bright white snow reflecting the sun and making our home light and fresh
995.  Chunky aloe leaves
996.  Chalkboard design
997.  Prayers of Ryan traveling for work
998.  Music to make us sing out loud
999.  Longing for Africa
1000.  Heavenly, eternal, uncommon promises


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