Saturday, April 22, 2017

Easter 2017

 We had a full weekend of Easter celebrations!  Saturday morning I worked, but Gid, Baby Boy and Ry headed to a massive Easter egg hunt in the park with friends.  Gid found a golden egg and therefore earned a plastic frog that hops, ha!  It sounded like he just wanted to explore the field and not really egg hunt for long.

 That afternoon we had dinner with my parents.  They made an Easter ham dinner and even delivered it to our house where we all ate together on our back porch.  We really value our outdoor space and spend hours out there each day.  Everyone opened up Easter baskets, Giddy hunted for eggs and we played in the yard since the weather was gorgeous.

Sunday we WALKED to church!  One gift about our new house is that a wonderful church is an 8 minute walk from our doorstep.  So after a morning of breakfast, the boys opening their 2nd of 3rd Easter baskets (spoiled!!), we loaded up the bus double-stroller and headed out.

The church service was really special.  The title was The Spirit Is On Me and we loved every second of it.  We invited Baby Boy's bio parents to come with us ( that was awkward, joyful, tense, gladdening) and I think they enjoyed being there.  The pastors are welcoming, the church atmosphere is laid back plus coffee and donut holes makes anyone feel at home.  Please pray for bio's and their experience at church last weekend!

My mom found this bunny cake that Gideon got VERY excited about.  And Gideon with his own special lawn chair that was a part of his basket

Gramps and Baby Boy.  Baby was eyeing that cake hardcore!

Giddy hunted very seriously for some eggs.  I think he understood what he was doing and had fun!

Grams make the best egg hunting partners

My mom does not joke around with Easter baskets.  They were loaded!  Gideon's was outdoor themed so he got gardening tools, his lawn chair, sunscreen, a hat, dirt cake mix and many other goodies!  Plus he received a giant bunny from us and he loves to lounge on "Big Bunny" all day long

A spiffy Daddy and spiffy Giddy

Family shot--poor Baby was asleep

There isn't much that attracts more attention that two little boys in bow ties

Easter afternoon we headed to Ryan's parents for dinner.  Most of the Decker cousins were there and they hunted for their baskets, we all had dinner, and then we headed it home because the boys were tired, Gideon was hopped up on sugar, and ready for bed after such a great day

 With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And God’s grace was so powerfully at work in them all

Acts 4:33

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Gideon 20 Month Update

Age: 20 months

How will we have a real life 2 year old Gideon this year?!  Our minds are blown.  I've probably typed it before, but this is totally the best age yet.  He's chatty, more independent, curious, feeling some big feelings, has so many preferences, and is still hilarious.  We love who he is and who he continues to become!

Weight: 26 lbs

Length: 33 inches

Sizes: 24 month clothing, some of it is getting tight.  2T shirts.  He's a size 4-5 shoe and size 4-5 diaper

Eyes: Still blue and so beautiful

Hair: Gid is definitely a strawberry blonde these days.  His hair lightens up more each day because we spend so much time outside.  I like to still think of him as my redhead but he's headed in the blonde direction fast

Sleeping:  He goes to bed around 7:15 pm every night after a bath, bedtime snack (usually cherrios, yogurt and sliced banana), brushed teeth, a bedtime story and prayers.  He wakes up maybe 1-2 times per night and will gulp water when we go in to comfort him.  Mostly he sleeps through the night and wakes up about 6:00 am.  He naps at 12:00 pm for about 2 hours.

Eating: Ryan and I have said that Gideon FINALLY seems to enjoy eating. Eating was always a big struggle with Gideon.  He just wasn't interested and would eat the tiniest amounts you can imagine.  Now he is truly seeing how delicious food is and seems eat a lot.

His favorite foods are anything sweet (his sweet tooth is ridiculous!), cupcakes, french toast, whipped cream, yogurt, ice cream, larabars with peanut butter, banana, tomatoes, applesauce, french fries and chicken nuggets

Milestones/Words: His vocabulary is growing by the day. His newest words are Papa, fish, milk, water, "nana" for banana, bird, bread, vest, bear, this, three, milk, water, and ABC. He puts away his dishes from the dishwasher, loads laundry in the washer, throws a piece of garbage away, helps feed baby, walks down stairs with less assistance, points to just about any body part you ask him, and feeds himself totally independently.  SO big! 

Memorable Outings:  He had a double sleepover at Grandma Decker's house.  He went to open gym with Gram and we adventured to the zoo and museum with our membership passes.  Our biggest adventure everyday has been exploring our new backyard and neighborhood on long walks.

Favorite toys/activities:  Being outside!  Oh this child loves the outdoors and anything to do with water, mud, rocks, digging, sand, trees, bugs etc.  He likes to watch Frozen (loves Olaf and hates the scary snow monster), do the hand motions to "Twinkle Twinkle", play with this cars, read books, put his animals to bed and snuggle with big pillows and soft blankets.  Real live animals are his absolute favorite--any cat is pretty much the coolest thing in the world to Gideon.  He also LOVES walking anywhere-the library, museum and zoo are the best places to take long walks and learn along the way

Funny Moments: Just last week Gid and I had an afternoon just the two of us.  We spent over an hour exploring his toys, reading, and me tickling Gideon while he belly laughed non-stop.  He is SO ticklish under those little armpits and under his chin.  He just laughed and laughed.

Looking forward to:  A summer of Giddy fun!  We have so much to do this summer like bug hunting, running through sprinklers, going on scavenger hunts, roasting marshmallows outside, sidewalk chalk and picnic dinners in the yard. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Baby Boy 4 Month Update

Age: 4 months

Every time I update on this little man I'm pleasantly surprised by the progress he's made and SO thankful for how far he's come.  At 4 months Baby Boy is so smiley, chubby, curious, showing signs of wanting to be a big kid already, and very snuggly.  He's a brave little fighter who loves nothing more than kisses and being held

Weight: 16.5 lbs

Length: 25 inches

Sizes: I just had to swap out all of his clothing for bigger sizes! He's in 6 month clothing and fits in everything perfectly.  His belly is even a little too round for some pants so I roll up 9 month pants.  He's a size 3 diaper.

Eyes: Navy blue!  Plus he has the most gorgeous, long curly eyelashes you've ever seen.  They are literally so long we can't believe how those eyelashes bat at us

Hair: Red!!  He's getting more hair on top and is still bald in the back.  I think it's turning a little more brown in the front but he's definitely a redder in the back.

Sleeping:  DREAM.  BABY.  Seriously!!  Well, most of the time anyway ;)  There was a time when baby was just home to us that he was up every 45-75 minutes absolutely screaming and inconsolable.  I don't know how we made it through that time.  I can barely remember those days now that he's come so far!!  He goes to bed about 6:30 pm, dream feeds at 9:00 pm and we don't hear from him again until 2:00 am.  He eats 3 oz and is back to sleep until 7:00 am wake up time!  He also is the easiest baby of life to put to bed for naps.  Just set him in his bed drowsy and he's out in less than 5 minutes.  He's at 3 naps per day and loves his daytime sleep.

Eating: He eats about 6 oz every 4 hours and sometimes a little more.  Eating has always been and on and off struggle for us.  Sometimes he is overwhelmed by the flow despite using the nipples he's always used since the NICU and propping him upright.  Other times he's the best eater and will chug 7 oz in 15 minutes.  It's important for me to to reflect back on his progress because he's had mountains to overcome to get to where he is today!

Milestones/Words: His new favorite perch is in the bumbo which makes him feel very grown up.  He also likes the carrier outward facing and will help with lots of chores around the house in that.  He smiles spontaneously, reaches for a toy, recognizes our faces, "stands up" with support, and swings at dangling toys. 

Memorable Outings:  This baby boy has rocked sleepovers with Gram, also adventured to the zoo, and has been very brave at the MOPS child care twice a month.  He's settling into his new room in the house and seems very observant of our new home

Favorite toys/activities:  He likes sitting up and watching Gideon play and can track him all over a room.  He has a favorite stuffed turtle that's super colorful and he'll bat at that quite a bit.  He does "crunches" in his carseat if he's feeling bored and really enjoys floating in the water at bath time.  I think his favorite thing is being near one of us and hearing all the commotion and talking that goes on around our house.

Funny Moments: Baby Boy has started reliably laughing when you tickle under his chin which is too darn cute!  He has a deep chuckle and gets very excited when you tease him with tickles.  He also loves when I call him "Fat Sir" and make silly voices at him-that makes him laugh and wiggle his arms all around

Looking forward to:  He starts some solids in June and that will be a fun adventure for him!  I look forward to him being outside with us, rolling, getting more mobile, and seeing more of those precious gummy smiles

Monday, April 3, 2017

PHEW!!!! Done with Transition

Hello!!  1/2 a month flew by and this is the first minute I've had to blog. 

We moved into our (new to us) house this weekend and even though we are still surrounded by boxes and piles of clothes and general's so nice to be in.  A 950 sq ft apartment with a newborn and toddler is on the list of "things that will stress and refine you"

I can't wait to post some before and after pics of the house!  My poor husband knows I mean business about getting the walls and kitchen cabinets painted ASAP.  We are so tired but want to just be moved in and done. The house is so cute (even though very dirty upon move in) and has a great open floor plan.  The yard is probably the best part of the whole house an Gideon plays for hours a day outside. 

Overall it's been a crazy last week and a half getting packed up and moved in but here we are and we are so thankful.  Gideon and I chatted up our 81 year old neighbor today and have been meeting new neighbors everyday.  Nothing makes people more chatty than seeing two cute little boys playing outside.

Here are some pics of our last few weeks-nothing exciting just two growing boys, a tired mama, and a hard-working daddy.

My mom kept Baby Boy so Gid and I could have a date to the butterfly pavilion.  It was a huge hit for Gid and we were the only ones there on a Monday for the first 45 minutes.  He even touched starfishes!

We celebrated my mom's actual birthday at the zoo!  She got a free ice cream with sprinkles which Gideon happily shared with her and a free carousel ride.  It was a chilly morning but a fun way to celebrate our beloved Gram!

ALL BOY!!!!!  This kid drinks puddles, throws dirt on his head, rubs ketchup in his hair laughs when he farts and picks his nose too much.  I love every ounce of him.

Giddy is so into animals these days.  Live and stuffed :)  He lines his animals up in his tent and shows them all his toys, puts them "night night" and carries them everywhere!

Doesn't he look so grown up???  He's drinking perfectly from a cup these days and has proven to be a true left-handed boy like daddy.  What a tiny little future-engineer

Just our usual outings.  Baby Boy slept while we played out front and snoozed at the library

Giddy had a sleepover with Gramma and Papa!  Someone looks tired (and it's not Gideon!).

This sweet baby boy has started getting up only once at night to eat!!!!  And all the mamas said AMEN!  He isn't in as many pictures because he's sleeping a lot through his growth spurt lately.  He's a big fan of his bumbo seat, neck tickles and finally loves his Ergo carrier.  What a chubby little sir.

We have a week of unpacking ahead of us and settling into our new house.  I hope our second wind hits so we can paint FAST and be done!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

St. Patty's Day and Weekend Phone Dump

A huge photo dump post!!  I worked St. Patty's Day but Giddy and Baby Boy spent the day with my parents.  My mom likes to buy little surprises, puts them on the front porch and then rings the doorbell and runs away.  When Gid opens the door he sees the treats that the leprechauns left him!  

This year he got a gold coin, green cupcake, and bubbles.  It's such a cute way to celebrate this holiday with kids, it will only be better as the boys gets older.

Everyone went to the park and the boys dressed in green

Gideon LOVES these window stickers-we get them for every holiday

Saturday I went to a baby shower for my friend Rachelle who I've known for 14 years!  We met freshmen year of high school.  I've been friends with all the girls in the picture below for 14 years!  They are such special women to me and it's a gift to have known them for so long.

Ali, Rachelle, Rachel, me, Kate and Caitlin-all celebrating Rachelle's new baby daughter Ada!

The baby shower was in a cute coffee shop in downtown Littleon and there were so many desserts, coffee, Sangria and enormous cheese plate

The weather was unbelievable and unseasonably warm this weekend.  It hit 81 today! Gid hit up some parks and the zoo. We slathered ourselves in sunscreen, put on our hats and packed snacks for the outings.

Saturday we went to Fuzzy's tacos and it was DELICIOUS!  I got some amazing chicken nachos with white queso and feta. It felt like the perfect weather for mexican food and cold drinks

After lunch we walked over to an old fashioned candy shop to pick out treats.  Gideon picked out suckers.  

Then there were big sad feelings at Target-we just had to laugh and then haul his mad little butt out to the car while the other person rapidly checked out

Gideon being a cheeseball.  His BFF Penny's sunglasses and mama's make up brush

Lou rocking the Grandpa sock look and ready to take on the zoo!!  We saw the new baby giraffe, the new tiger exhibit and really enjoyed the tropical discovery zone lizard area

Finally we celebrated my mom's early birthday today.  We bought her favorite Das Meyer triple white cake and had dijon mustard/coconut flour crusted salmon with salad, lemon asparagus, and bread.  We all went in and bought her a double stroller for her birthday but I forgot to get a pic!

We all ate cake and Gideon ended up naked after covering his belly in frosting.  That's how you know it's a good party for Gideon...stuffing yourself with cake and naked running through Gram & Gramp's house!

Baby Boy slept like a little angel baby before and after bio parent visit.  What a sweet little boy

The Lord your God is with you,
    the Mighty Warrior who saves.
He will take great delight in you;
    in his love he will no longer rebuke you,
    but will rejoice over you with singing.”

Zephaniah 3:17

Friday, March 17, 2017

Baby Boy 3 Month Update

Age: 3 months!

Oh chubby baby boy!  How far you've come.  Every one who's known him since the beginning are SHOCKED by his transformation.  He's so healthy and rolly.  He is just a little tub of butter and is getting into smiling, knowing our faces, and showing us more of who he is.  On the whole I think he's a pretty observant, easy going little fellow with preferences for lots of snuggles and watching Gideon prance around our house.  Baby Boy is a such a blessing to us and we just love him more each day!

Weight: 14+ lbs!  About a week ago he weighed in at 14.0 lbs so he's over that now.  What a perfectly plump peanut!

Length: 23 inches

Sizes: 3-6 month onsies, shirts and pants.  He cannot keep socks on no matter what but we like to put 12-24 months on him.  He's in size 2 diapers but absolutely popping out of them...too bad we just bought a huge Costco size pack of them.  

Eyes: Dark, navy blue.  He smiles with his eyes and one look at his sweet little eyeballs and you know exactly what he's feeling

Hair: Red, red, magical red!!!  He's got a nice bald spot on the direct back of his head but everywhere else he's a beautiful little redheaded boy. And gets 1000 compliments a day on it!

Sleeping:  Babies and sleep are just not meant to be.  Amen.  He's regressing on and off this week but has shown us some longer stretches lately.  He's been working on having the rocking off on his rock n' play and will be transitioning to his big boy crib very soon *dun dun dun*

 His typical schedule is awake around 6:30 am and a cat nap about 8:00 am for 45 minutes.  Then a really good afternoon nap from about 11:00-1:30 (waking once to eat).  Then he takes another 1.5 hour nap about 3:30-5:00.  He goes to bed about 6:30 pm and will sleep until we wake him to eat at 9:00 pm.  Then he sleeps (HOPEFULLY!) until 1:00 am for a feed and then again about 5:00 am.  Lately he thinks it super fun to take 20 minute cat naps throughout the day and wake me up at 11:00 pm for a 1 oz snack.  Whatever, kid.  What he wants he gets so he clearly has us trained

Eating:  He's a good eater!  He eats 4-6 oz about every 3 hours.  Sometimes he gets a little scrambled and confused telling us he's hungry and it's the right time for him to eat but he just gets super mad and cries uncontrollably.  We have figured out to just give him a rest in his swing and once he collects himself after about 2 minutes he will eat perfectly.  He's also off all reflux medications and having much less spit up.  Go Baby Boy!

Milestones/Words: He is trying to sit up with a passion!!!  He loves to do "crunches" any chance he gets from a propped position.  He loves to rock side to side and will be thrilled once he gets over.  He has figured out that he can make his hanging rattle in his gym noisy if swipes it with his fist.  He also loves to "stand", smile, coo, and yell out.

Memorable Outings:  We have not been very exciting this month.  He has been to the zoo and a few parks and lots of neighborhood walks.  

Favorite toys/activities:  He loves his lavender bubble baths, being front facing in his carrier, stroller rides, being snuggled, watching Gideon, and his giraffe or elephant toy attached to his pacifier

Funny Moments:  He is so responsive with talking and always makes us laugh when we coo at him and he coos back.  He really loves to have conversations with anyone-what a social butterfly!

Looking forward to:  We move to our new house this week and I am looking forward to getting him his own nursery set up and decorated.  I can't wait for him to have his own special space.  I'm looking forward to longer chunks of sleep, getting more wakefulness during the day from him, and seeing what types of things he enjoys and interests him in the next 4 weeks.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Finding Rest and Life Pictures

Foster care is two fold: a huge blessing to the child and to us...and then totally exhausting as it relates to all that is required to make it work.  Two resources that are speaking some major life into me right now regarding foster care because both are so encouraging and real:

My mentor mom at MOPS told me that even though we love our chunky Baby Boy, any foster care placement still puts an emotional pull on us-invasive home studies, court dates, visitations with bio parents, applications, appointments, etc....  In the midst of all that, we have to take good care of us!

So we are really trying to do that.  This week we are taking steps to moving bio parent visits to a weekday to protect our weekends, planning more one-on-one dates with Gid, attempting to do restful things on the weekends, taking advantage of help (my mom is our rockstar helper!!) and just letting some things go to find room to rest.

We are still learning!  Here are some pics of our week as we attempt to get better at this.  Though I will be honest and say this week has been one of my most overwhelming yet with some sleep regression from both boys and sleepless nights for me.  Yay parenting! ;)

Two boys playing together.  Mostly Baby Boy just watches Gid and Gid shows off his big boy skills

Can you sort of see those enormously chubby cheeks?  Baby Boy is a perfectly plump 14 lbs of sweetness.  I can't get over his fatness!!  Giddy has been really into reading independently lately and flipping through his family/friends book I made him

Playdate for Gid and Dec!  Two 1.5 year old boys is a chaotic playdate but Ali and I did our best to actually talk and entertain them

On Tuesday, my mom stayed with Baby Boy while I took Gideon to the dentist first and then to the zoo!!  We had a really special mama/Giddy date.  We walked all over the zoo, packed a lunch, rode the train, and had a fun morning just the two of us

Ummmm Gideon turned 12 over night in case you missed it!!!!  I think he looks like such a mini Daddy in this picture.  Like he's ready to go into the office for the day.  So sweet in his button down.

A few of my MOPS ladies.  This week we had a speaker and breakfast and then put together Blessing Bags for the homeless community to keep in our car.  We filled a gallon Ziploc bag with non-perishable food, water, toothpaste/brush, combs, hand warmers, towelettes, socks and a few other items.  Most importantly in the bags was  information regarding resources nearby for getting ID's issued, work placement, shelter for bad weather and any other help needed

Giddy Lou learning how to take a selfie

On Monday my mom, Giddy, Baby Boy and I all went to the mall to walk around and shop for Easter outfits.  We found a super cute bow tie outfit for Baby Boy but are still looking for Gid's.

Shorts in March?!  It's a 70+ degree week here in Colorado.  And it's supposed to be 80 this weekend.  We are definitely hitting up the zoo and some parks!

The rest of the week I work on Friday and 1/2 day Saturday, we have some vague plans to start packing a bit, a baby shower, a bio parent visit, the zoo, and my mom's early birthday dinner!  A full few days!  Hope you have a fun weekend too.

Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.

Colossians 3:12


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